Mac Dre Day

Damn I live like right across the Crest .Crest Side throwing a big block party for Mac Dre birthday and shit. the whole neighborhood slappin his shit too.Mac Mall there too. Ugh I want to celebrate Mac Dre birthday too :(

19 plays Poppin' My Collar Three 6 Mafia


9 plays Just Forget Nujabes Samurai Champloo
59 plays Ask Nujabes Departure (Samurai Champloo OST)
A freelancer
A battle cry of a hawk make a dove fly and a tear dry
Wonder why a lone wolf don’t run with a clan
Only trust your instincts and be one with the plan

Nujabes (via undwirsind-diejaeger)
First of all, I’ma live forever! But if I do die, I’m gon’ smack God upside the head and gon’ tell him to get me a grilled-cheese sandwich and some tacos! And I dare God to say somethin’! I’ll be like ‘Say somethin’, God! Say somethin’! Yeah, I thought so!’ And if God say somethin’ I’ll be like this: [punches the air] Take that, God! I’ll be beatin’ God’s jaw like: Pla-kow! Blaow!
Riley Freeman on God, The Boondocks.  (via dylan-crane)